Hello, I am Blake.  I have been behind the camera since early 1999 dating back to the old film days.  I spent hours in the darkroom in High School perfecting the art of black and white photography.  In 2006, I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of Delaware and made my way to the California Coast.  There I spent countless hours photographing the lush landscape honing my skills behind the viewfinder.

I am currently working to build my portrait portfolio in the greater Kansas City area and would love to be your photographer for your next important family event.  Being a father and family man, I know what shots are critical and more importantly, I know how to deliver a stunning product!  I stand behind all of my work with confidence and pride.

Please allow me the opportunity to fulfill any of your photographic needs!

“A mind is like a camera shutter, it cannot capture life’s endless possibilities unless it is open.”

-Blake Rudis

I am the host of EverydayHDR.com, a photography blog centered around the HDR process.  On my blog you can find all sorts of Photoshop and photography tips & tutorials.  I have recently written, illustrated, and published 3 eBooks.